Special Guests & Speakers

 Special Guests and Speakers for the 2023 Whitehill Paranormal Expo


Katrina Weidman from Portals to Hell, Paranormal Lockdown and Paranormal State

From Her Full Bio Here:  “I transferred to Penn State, and during my studies, my passion for the paranormal grew even more. As luck would have it, there was a paranormal club on campus, the world-renown Paranormal Research Society (PRS). I trained with them and later worked as their case manager, interviewing thousands of eyewitnesses to the unknown. This led to the opportunity to co-host A&E’s hit doc-series “Paranormal State” (2007-2011), which chronicled the work of PRS.

After “Paranormal State” I became the host for Chiller’s “Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies” and “Real Fear: The Truth Behind More Movies”, which explores the real-life terror behind some of the world’s most iconic horror films.

I took my curiosity further on the series “Paranormal Lockdown” with my co-host, Nick Groff. In an effort to learn more about the unknown, we spent 72 hours confined to dark, haunted locations.

Currently, I can be found with my friend and fellow co-host, Jack Osbourne, on “Portals To Hell”. Jack and I teamed up to investigate the world’s most sinister haunted locations and you can catch us now on Discovery+.”



Heather Taddy from Paranormal State, Alien Highway and Mysteries Decoded

Paranormal Researcher and Investigator Heather Taddy is known for her work as Team Documentarian on A&E’s hit television series Paranormal State, which is based on real-life investigations from the world-renowned Penn State Paranormal Research Society (PRS).  While studying Film and French at Penn State University, Taddy trained as a Field Investigator for PRS while also traveling the country helping families living in haunted houses. She’s known for isolating herself in the most active locations during investigations, all the while documenting her experiences.  Intrigued by the Spiritualism Movement and the thrill of the unknown, she spent her early teens playing Ouija Boards and investigating haunted and abandoned locations in PA.  Taddy has worked alongside the legendary Lorraine Warren and was inspired to join PRS after attending one of her lectures.  By working with clients in a diverse variety of cases, Taddy has gained extensive knowledge of all things paranormal.

Due to her background in all aspects of unexplainable phenomena, Taddy starred on Travel Channel’s Alien Highway, based on of a New York Times best-selling book The 37th Parallel, beside acclaimed UFO researcher Chuck Zukowski.  Together they successfully pursued UFO cases which authorities ignored and obtained definitive proof along America’s alien highway.

Taddy has guest-starred on Travel Channel’s Portals to Hell with Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman and currently guest-stars on the CW’s Mysteries Decoded with Jennifer Marshall.  Currently, she produces and films a YouTube series with Weidman called Travel the Dead. She is also featured in an upcoming docuseries by Chad Calek called A House in the Harbinger Kingdom.  When she isn’t exploring or researching historically haunted locations and looking to the skies for the unknown, Taddy is a musician, roller-skater, lover of vintage clothing, costume design, photography and horror films. 


Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran Publishers of Weird NJ and more

For those of you who are wondering just what Weird N.J. is all about, let us try and explain. Weird NJ is a travel guide and magazine to places you won’t find on state funded maps or located on any tourist attraction pamphlets.

In Weird N.J. we travel to places that are seen for what they are; weird, odd or unique, all told by New Jerseyans to Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran, publishers of Weird N.J., while traveling the backroads of the Garden State in search of local unwritten history and modern folklore.

When we travel the state of New Jersey, we are looking for tales told only inside the perimeters of a town. These stories and places tell a story that cannot be found in any history books and are not often perceived as “history,”…until we arrive.  Read More Here



Dave Juliano, Owner of The GhostHunter Store and Demonologist

For over 37 years, Dave has been investigating haunted locations, consulting on cases and helping people. He was the center of a haunting in his childhood home and spent those years terrified of what was occurring there. With the help of people experienced with the paranormal, he was able to better understand what he had lived through. As a result, he began to focus on helping and educating others who were experiencing hauntings or spirit activity. In 1994, he founded the very first paranormal website: The Shadowlands, as a safe haven for people to share their experiences and to seek comfort and advice. Dave has trained thousands of people how to safely conduct paranormal investigations, investigated hundreds of places and has consulted on thousands of cases. Dave has been a Director of South Jersey Ghost Research and Sanctuary Paranormal for over 24 years. Now he focuses on helping people who report negative activity in their homes or businesses. He specializes in problematic, intense and demonic hauntings that include blessings, deliverances, and exorcisms. He is what is commonly referred to as a “demonologist” and is also a member of the clergy. He does consultations and offers assistance to independent researchers and paranormal groups concerning negative cases.


Mary Jo Chudley

Mary Jo Chudley is the co founder of Penn Paranormal, she has been into the supernatural since she was a child, living across the street from a cemetery. She would have a lot of paranormal experiences. Then bought her first house in 1998. Little did she know the property her house was on, and the surrounding area was haunted, Mary spent most of her time as a young adult learning about the paranormal to help her community out that was having so many issues with the paranormal. She still does private homes / business cases. She loves to help people who want to learn more about the paranormal and how paranormal equipment works. Threw out the years she has collected extraordinary evidence and worked with the biggest paranormal investigators and the most haunted places in America. Mary jo was the headliner of the first ever paracon in Latin America in Costa Rica last October and will be returning again this October. She was featured on Travel Channel’s paranormal TV show “A Haunting “with haunted objects she obtained. She was on destination Fear, Paranormal Caught on Camera, America’s most terrifying, and haunted hospitals. All from her evidence she has captured in the paranormal. She will also be on a new tv show repossessed about her haunted objects. Mary jo has more than 20 confirmed haunted objects inside her house. She obtained these objects from cases, and keeps the extreme ones locked up and blessed. She has showcased some of her haunted objects worldwide. USA Today had a big article on her haunted objects. 6 of her haunted objects in the Pinebush UFO museum in New York. Mary Jo and her husband on their free time make customize rempods and paranormal equipment and learn as much as they can about the paranormal to keep helping families.


Dana Wingerd

Several years ago, Cathy Young and Tessarai McKitrick opened me up to the gifts bestowed upon me by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. After a lot of training, prayers and devotion, I am proud to call myself a Mountain Gypsy. With the passing of Cathy Young, it’s been a struggle to reach down and feel the healing power of faith and prayer. But now, with Tessarai Huges as our matriarch, we are back. With a newness and rejuvenation only afforded to us by Yahweh, Yashua and Elohim. As Cathy would remind us, “His Mercies are new every day.”


Nikki Steward

Nikki Steward is New Jersey’s Premier Evidential Psychic Medium and Owner of Within Spirit. A lifelong Jersey Girl, she began having premonitions and contact with spirits as a child. In 2003, she became a paranormal investigator and utilized her experiences in that field to begin her journey of fully understanding and accepting her intuitive gifts. In addition to her psychic/medium skills, Nikki is a certified Reiki Master and educator, Oracle Card Reader, Past Life Reader, Sound and Crystal Healer and Chakra Therapist. Nikki has connected with spirit through hundreds of readings and mediumship sessions; both in private individual readings as well as group galleries. Nikki strives to provide evidential readings to help her clients make meaningful connections with loved ones, receive guidance that empowers them and create an overall sense of positive well being.  ​She teaches seminars on all of the aforementioned subjects and guest speaks across the U.S. Nikki has also appeared as a guest on The Ghosts of Somerville Series, the History Channel’s Weird US and on the television show Ghost Detectives. 


Barry Ruggerio

Barry Ruggiero is founder of the New Jersey Paranormal Investigations and previously co-founder of the NJ Paranormal, with over 19 years’ experience in investigating the paranormal. Over these years, I have been mentored by Dave Juliano, one of the pioneers in the paranormal field and also a demonologist. I investigate both residential and commercial claims along with hosting various charity events for historic sites. I apply basic physics and common sense to first try to find a logical conclusion to any events before I list them as paranormal.  After a thorough questionnaire and evaluation of the persons psyche and no environmental reasons for the stated occurrences. I use faith-based cleansing to help my clients with their situations. At the same time, I provide coaching of their own positive energy to use as their best weapon.  Barry has spoked at many locations at Brandywine Penn State University.  He has also featured in the Asbury Park Press and the Star-Ledger as well as appearing on My Philly 17 morning show.



Frank Cinelli Jr aka Dr Spectre

“I have been a Holistic health care provider for over 30 years, and owner of the Vitamin Pharmacy. In my practice I uses bio-energetic testing, along with laser and light therapies, I am certified in intracellular communications, bio set, reiki and other types of energy work. I am also very well versed in homeopathy, vitamins, minerals and herbs. I have a PhD in biotechnology and am a licensed ordained healing minister as well as over 200 credit hours at the Institute of Quantum and Molecular Medicine.
I have had a lifelong obsession with all things paranormal. I have been actively investigating since the early 80’s. Pursuing the unknown and unexplained has taken me all over the country affording me the opportunity to expand my knowledge base of cryptids and other local folklore mutations. I have used my career knowledge to study the effects of the paranormal on the human body and energy.
I was a writer for TAPS paramagazine “According to Dr. Spectre and for Paranormalpopculture.com “ask Dr. Spectre”  I am also a member of Ghost Detectives tv And co-founder of Team S.P.E.C.T.R.E. investigative group.


Chris Sanders

Chris Sanders has been a Paranormal investigator for 14 years. Chris’s number one goal is to help out families in need due to his bad haunting when he was a kid. He belongs to two separate paranormal investigation teams Reap and Seek.  Chris is also known for his Collection of haunted objects that were removed from some of his private cases.  Chris does Lectures all over the US talking about haunted objects and Attachments. Chris is known for Buddy the Haunted Clown doll one of his most dark cases to date. Chris will be bringing Buddy to this event!



Rob Stachowicz

Rob Stachowicz has been interested in and exploring the paranormal for 15 years. His interest was solidified in 2008 after he experienced some odd occurrences in his home after the loss of a loved one.
Rob has travelled the country investigating some of the most haunted locations in America. From the Queen Mary to the “Conjuring House”, he has hundreds of investigations under his belt.
Rob is the founder of Get Haunted, a paranormal events and services company where their mission is to lift everyone in the paranormal community, give them a voice, and to give back to those that choose to explore the paranormal. From the novice to the most seasoned investigators, and to locations owners.   Get Haunted’s services and events are designed to give back to the community.  Rob, along with his business partner, Sara V. from PARANORMALLY blonde, are working tirelessly to bring the best events and services out there to the paranormal community.



Kelly Miller

Kelly Miller, has established herself as one of today’s premiere psychic mediums, through her lifetime of research, preparation, and training. She prides herself on practicing her craft with the highest standards of respect and care. Kelly’s motto is and always has been; “A positive, professional, peaceful experience for calm, comfort, and closure.” In addition to private and online appointments, Kelly offers group gallery readings and public appearances, teaches workshops, lectures, and trains and assists fellow paranormal professionals and teams. She is also a holistic healer, published author, and non-denominational minister. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and on her website, www.TheMavenMedium.com.


Jason McLeod

Jason McLeod began his paranormal investigation and demonologist career under the late, legendary Ed & Lorraine Warren beginning in 1990. He is the author of the Dark Siege: A Connecticut Family’s Nightmare – the most terrifying case of Possession and Exorcism McLeod has ever investigated, written in a cinematic horror format that is impossible to put down. www.darksiege.com


Mike Delcoro / Eric Vanderlaan

Mike Delcoro is a Paranormal Researcher / Tech Specialist and creator of the DELCO Experiment. Mike has appeared on many paranormal podcasts and several television spots. You may have seen him as Co-Host of the War Party Paranormal Radio Show hosted by the KGRA Digital Broadcasting. Mike is also a producer for White Noise Media LLC & Co-Lead investigator on the ParaFlixx series The Haunted Files, Mikes ability to keep people engaged and display amazing paranormal findings has been recognized by the Paranormal Community social media outlets. A native of Florida and part of one of the states largest Paranormal Research teams War Party Paranormal. More about Mike at www.flaparnormalresearcher.com

Eric Vanderlaan is the Team Leader for War Party Paranormal Research in South Florida, Host of the War Party Paranormal Radio Show on the KGRA digital Broadcasting Network and Co-Owner and Producer/Director of White Noise Media Company which produces the new paranormal series “The Haunted Files” as seen on the streaming network ParaFlixx.  Eric was born on the Island of Oahu Hawaii and has lived in South Florida since the age of 8 years old. Eric has been investigating the paranormal since 2007. He has always been interested in the paranormal and South Florida history. It started on a ghost tour when he caught odd anomalies that he could not explain.  He continued to investigate on his own until he joined a paranormal team in 2012. During this time, Eric has learned from some of the best paranormal investigators in the business. He has experience working with the technological aspect of the investigation using equipment to scientifically verify anomalies that are present either on video or audio during an investigation. Eric helped create the War Party Paranormal South Team in 2018 that covers the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area and also helps operate ghost hunting events for the team. His main role is to help people in the community with paranormal issues in their homes or business with the help of his team.  Eric has appeared on various latin television networks including Univision, Telemundo and America TeVe. Eric and his teammates War Party Paranormal are regulars on the latin television show “Primer Impacto” featured on the Univision network.